Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hasan Fathy by Ismail Serageldin, published by Biblotheca Alexandrina


architect/ office: Hasan Fathy
monograph no: 01
title: Hasan Fathy
writer/editor: Ismail Serageldin
publisher: Biblotheca Alexandrina, 2008
publishing date: 2007
language: English
ISBN: 156898488X
file size: 5.75 mb



Written on Egypt's best known architect since Imhotep, this book presents a detailed biography of a man who, rooted in his local surroundings, strove for cultural authenticity and was, as a result, universally appreciated. Born on 23 March 1900, Hassan Fathy was destined to influence the architectural trends and modes of his century. A renowned name in his field, Fathy was still a lonely guru who, though marginalized by his contemporary peers, never compromised his vision; he continued to reject the Western modernist norm and design for human beings. This must-read book presents an illustrated documentary of the projects and buildings Fathy so masterfully designed.


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  1. Thanks.
    I'm familiar with the work of H. Fathy and look forward to enjoy this document.



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