Friday, January 1, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life and His Architecture by Robert C Twombly


architect/ office: Frank Lloyd Wright
monograph no: 05
title: Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life and His Architecture
writer/editor: Robert C Twombly
publisher: Wiley-Interscience
publishing date: 1987
language: English
ISBN:  0471857971
pages: 464
file size: 10.8 mb



A complete biography based on a wide range of previously untapped primary sources, covering Wright's private life, architecture, and role in American society, culture, and politics. Views Wright's buildings as biographical as well as social statements, analyzing his work by type, category, and individual structure. Examines Wright's struggle to develop a new artistic statement, his dramatic personal life, and his political and economic ideas, including those on cities, energy conservation, cooperative home building, and environmental preservation. Includes over 150 illustrations (photographs, floor plans, and drawings—many never before published), extensive footnotes, and the most exhaustive bibliography of Wright's published work available.


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  1. With Corwin gone, Wright moved out of the Schiller Building and into the nearby and newly completed Steinway Hall Building. The loft space was shared with Robert C. Spencer, Jr., Myron Hunt, and Dwight H. Perkins.



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